Fire Report: December 2015

Matt Treit, Fire Chief


Training at the fire department during the month of December included the topics of confined space rescue, the use of air lifting bags, and First Responders. Congratulations to Deputy Vandale, Lieutenant Braam, and Firefighters Thibodeau, Ross, Giles, Pittman and Thebeau who all achieved 100% attendance at these training sessions.

The final month of the year saw the TRFD respond to nine calls (seven First Responder, one smell of gas, and one report of ringing fire alarms). This resulted in a total of 148 calls for 2015 which included the following:

  • 88 – First Responder
  • 26 – Alarms Ringing
  • 9 – Motor Vehicle Incidents
  • 7 – Reports of Smoke
  • 4 – Carbon Monoxide Alarm
  • 2 – Reports of a Gas Smell
  • 2 – ATV Incidents
  • 2 – Fire Investigations
  • 1 – Fire (unclassified)
  • 1 – Structure Fire
  • 1 – Brush Fire
  • 1 – Grass Fire
  • 1 – Hazardous Materials Call
  • 1 – False Alarm
  • 1 – Report of Open Burning
  • 1 – Assist with STARS Air Ambulance

One question that I am sometimes asked regarding smoke alarms is what can be done for someone who sleeps through them. This is a common problem with children, and is also a problem with elderly people or others who are hearing impaired. In addition to the traditional smoke alarms, smoke alarms are available with integrated strobe lights similar to the ones that you may see in newer commercial establishments. These provide a significant visual warning as well as an audible one.

Furthermore, there are also pillow/bed shakers available. These are devices which are placed under the pillow or mattress and are attached to a mechanism which picks up the sound of a smoke alarm. Once activated, the shaker will vibrate and wake up someone who is a deep sleeper or who is hearing impaired. A quick online search can provide more information on these devices as well as locations where they can be purchased.

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable Christmas holiday, and that 2016 is a good year for you.