Firefighter of the Year

One of the highlights of the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department?s AGM is the honouring of the firefighters as a cohesive team. Another highlight is seeing who is awarded Firefighter of the Year.

On January 21st, the award went to Ian Leach and from the echoing sentiment around the room, deservedly so. The look of shock and an instant humble smile came to his face as he made his way to the podium to accept the plaque bearing his name, that will permanently hang in the Tumbler Ridge Fire Hall.

Thanking his fellow firefighters and speaking on how proud he was to be a firefighter, Leach handed much of the credit for any accolades to the roomful of firefighters. He also told the room he enjoyed the friendships he had made with his fellow service men.

This firefighter joined the TRFD in January of 2002, while he worked as store manager and meat cutter at Shop Easy in Tumbler Ridge. Recently he changed jobs and is now working as a blaster for Tercon.

Leach lives in Tumbler Ridge with his wife of 15 years, Shelley with their two children, Brittany, 13, and Andrew, 10. Congratulations to Firefighter Leach for this honour and for helping serve to protect the safety of the community.