First Greensmart Home for Tumbler Ridge

After 23 years, Tumbler Ridge Realty introduced to the public the first new home built for retail in Tumbler Ridge.

The open house was held at 127 Kinuseo Avenue for the first Tumbler Ridge "Greensmart home", built at 1620 square feet. The technology in modular home development has progressed significantly in the last few decades. There is nothing left from the old image of "only modular".

New materials and advanced technology in the modular home industry meet the needs of the customer who makes conscious choices in today's changing world. The house presented on Saturday is built with a focus on those needs.

– Support of local economy: the Greensmart Manufacturing is located in Dawson Creek with offices in the Peace Region, providing job opportunities and branding Peace Country.

– Made for the North: the company was founded by four Peace Country men: Terry Moser, Dan Anderson, Greg Hammond and Alex Wik.

– Custom design: Greensmart Manufacturing has the ability to build any type of home in a residential custom design or commercial and industrial building.

– Environment friendly: technology using water and electricity saving devises.

– Innovation: Greensmart houses are built with the manufacturer's own unique Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

– Cost effective: the prefabrication in the manufacture cuts down the building time-period; the uncomfortable waiting until you can move into your new home.

– Peace of mind: the challenges usually experienced in the construction process are minimized. The prefabrication cuts down the exposure to the elements; the completion date of the home is predictable.

Bev Huston, a realtor with Tumbler Ridge Realty, explained the structural features of Tumbler Ridge's Greensmart home. Structural insulated Panels (SIPs) filled with Expanded Polystyrene are resistant to compression and bending. They also are very resistant to moisture retention and much less combustible than wood. The fact that the same material is used in the food packaging industry proves its quality as a safe, clean and non-toxic product.

The SIP-walls are up to 10 ¼ inches thick and provide 40 per cent better insulation when compared with the standard pink insulation material. The oversized structural skin of the walls makes this building system energy and cost effective and strong (it can support as much weight as any standard wall build with 2 by 4 studs and drywall).

Energy- and space efficiency are features of this Greensmart home. The two-temperature-zones floor heating system guarantees a comfortable temperature for the home and the two-car garage. The fresh-air exchange is provided through the installation of a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV). The silent air circulation of the HRV also utilizes the temperature of the used air. Usually the bedrooms in the house have the highest carbon dioxide and moisture content.

The HRV is a modern option to the traditional way, such as opening the doors or running the furnace fan. A properly ventilated house is a health-supportive environment. HRV could be called "the lungs of a house". With proper maintenance it can be supportive in the prevention of respiratory ailments.