First results for seniors? needs

On Monday June 30, the ten members of the TR Mayor?s Task Force for Seniors? Needs (MTFSN) met at Town Hall for their weekly meeting. The call for interest, published in the newspaper, brought five additional members to the team. The MTFSN members are Mayor Mike Caisley, George Hartford, Dr. Charles Helm, Frank Walsh, Michael Sidwell, Joan Sidwell, Donna Mandeville, Mila Lansdowne, George Rowe, Marie Therriault, and David Price (Coordinator).

This initiative is the result of the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) survey conducted in Tumbler Ridge in 2007. Greg Halseth and his team gathered information from residents about quality of life for seniors in the community. Adapting a community established for young families to one that will accommodate senior?s needs will require many steps. The task force has identified goals for health- and seniors? services; from easy to accomplish tasks, marking the walkways up to large projects like a Seniors Centre or additional health care staff.

The support from UNBC continues with additional data collection and comparison with other similar communities. This is necessary for the dialog with the regional and provincial authorities when asking for support or service. There are 34 northern communities in the UNBC study with different needs. The data shows that Tumbler Ridge has the highest population growth in the past six years (32.58%).

Networking plays a key role in MTFSN. The ten members of the group and the coordinator are the contacts for the community for feedback and suggestions. Together we can improve and finally achieve the goals set to meet the needs of our residents. The MTFSN is a continuous support and communication tool for all of the community and any input regarding seniors? needs is welcome.

The contact for the MTFSN coordinator is: David Price, Box 878, phone 250-242-5128 or cell: 250-257-0061