First Sale for Fertoz

Trent Ernst, Editor


Fertoz has had its first sale of phosphate from its Wapiti Project, south of Tumbler Ridge

A farmer near Stettler, Alberta has purchased 28 tonnes of phosphate for use in conventional agriculture trials. The delivered price was $200/t, for a total sale price of $5600.

The rock was prepared for application by Eggers Soil Solutions, a Grand Prairie-area company.

Managing Director Les Szonyi says “We are excited to announce the first fertilizer sales for Fertoz which is a significant achievement in our first year as a listed company. The sale of phosphate rock to both conventional and organic farmers has reaffirmed the huge market opportunity of rock phosphate as a direct application product especially in view of the fact that, apart from Fertoz, no-one else will have an operating phosphate mine in Canada in the near future.”

Szonyi says that Eggers Soil Solutions will be the processor of Wapiti phosphate rock. “[This] enables us to become a producer and seller of a direct application phosphate fertilizer without the need for capital investment in a processing plant. Eggers are ideally located in Alberta to process the Wapiti bulk sample for sale to farmers in western Canada.

“Fertoz has begun discussions with potential distributors located in both western and eastern Canada as well as north western USA. All distributors have established relationships with conventional farms and in some cases organic farms.”

In addition to Eggers, the company recently announced it would be working with another Grande Prairie company, Natures Way, to sell product mined out of the Wapiti.

“Fertoz aims to become a reliable long term supplier of high quality phosphate to one of the largest agricultural markets in the world, North America,” says Szonyi. “We have approval to extract up to 27,500 tonnes of bulk sample from our Wapiti and Fernie projects and are still on track to submit a small mine application for up to 75,000 tonnes per annum of rock phosphate at Wapiti in 2014, with the intention of being able to provide a continuous supply of high grade phosphate rock for both organic and conventional farmers.”

Fertoz has three projects in North America: The Wapiti, Fernie, and Dry Ridge in the USA.