Five essentials for running a home with a large family

Jade Steckly


I’m sure these aren’t technically the five most important things, but in our home, they are pretty high up there on the list!

  1. A large couch. Where else are you going to keep those six loads of clean laundry? A big couch is also great for family movie nights. Also for lining up all the kids and putting a Wii remote in their hands because you just can’t take another second of the noise! Wait. Did I say that out loud?
  2. A large island in the kitchen. When we were dreaming up the layout of our house, it was always the first thing I thought of. “I don’t care where the bathroom goes, as long as there’s room for the island!” It hasn’t disappointed either. The kids eat pretty much all their meals there, it makes it easier for them to help me cook, they use it for homework and drawing, AND it’s a perfect landing spot for papers (permission forms, newsletters, etc). It’s just a bonus that the dangerously high paper piles are the first thing people see when they walk into the house!
  3. A Tassimo or Keurig. Because sometimes there’s just no time to wait for an entire pot of coffee to brew. When the baby has been up all night and you have to be up at 6:45 to make lunches and get the kids on the bus, you need caffeine STAT. I love you, coffee.
  4. Good Organizational Skills. Well, shoot. I suppose in theory a mother of five children should be well organized. Unfortunately, it’s not a natural talent for me and it constantly a work in progress. I remember one glorious day this past summer when I humorously mentioned to an older lady that I wasn’t an organized person. She immediately got serious and said, “well, with five kids you would HAVE to be organized!” Yes, I suppose you would. Like I said, a work in progress.
  5. A good babysitter. As well as having five children, I also have a husband, and we kind of like each other (wink wink). As I type this, he and I are counting down the hours until Saturday. We have booked a babysitter for our first date since September. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, it can’t come fast enough! I do think that in any family, no matter how many kids there are, when mom and dad get regular time out together, everyone is happier!

Bonus: a sense of humour. Sometimes you are going to have one kid hula hooping, two racing cars down the hallway, one laying on your clean laundry reading a book, and a baby fussing on the floor while you try and sip your coffee, oblivious. And you just have to be ok with that, because it’s a crazy, wonderful life to have!