Flatbed Loop Gets Motoring

On a beautiful evening with the sun starting to set and a cool breeze in the air after a very warm day, the perfect day-end was a walk at Flatbed Loop.

Organized by Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society; this walk was coordinated by Dr. Charles Helm and Birgit Sharman, The gathering began at 7:30 in the parking lot closest to and below the bridge on Highway 29 to Chetwynd.

Two different routes were pre-mapped and flagged by Birgit Sharman the week before. This choice accommodates many, as not everyone is training for the Iron Man Competition or Emperor?s Challenge. So for anyone worried about ?keeping up?, the ?flat? loop is a nice stride through a well-cut path with minimal trees and shrubs to contend with. The ?hilly? Loop is a more challenging route, which takes you over more rugged areas and hills.

You could hear the children, excited by discoveries and mud puddles, along with chatting people who were covering topics far and wide. Some ran, some walked and most socialized.

Dr. Helm, who kindly recorded each person?s name when they arrived and when they returned, so that everyone was accounted for in the end, recorded time sheets. The recording of time is simply for reference, if the goal of improving time is of interest.

All in all it was a nice way to spend an evening. This scheduled group activity takes place every Monday night at 7:30 pm and takes less than 30 minutes to complete, on average. It is a wonderful way to enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful scenery and get the heart pumping. Couch potatoes, start your engines!