Flatbed Loops comes to close

Charles Helm

A total of 75 peo

Six people showed up for all eight Flatbed Loops runs.

Six people showed up for all eight Flatbed Loops runs.

ple joined the Wolverine Nordic and Mountain Society for the 2016 Flatbed Loops season. Flatbed Loops is now in its thirteenth year, and it was one of the key elements in Tumbler Ridge becoming one of Canada’s three True Sport communities in 2005.

In 2016, for eight consecutive Mondays evenings an average of 27 walkers, joggers and runners of all ages gathered at 7:30 pm near the Lions Campground for a two kilometre time-trial. Choosing between the easy flat loop or the very challenging hilly loop, these participants strove to improve their aerobic fitness levels, celebrating as their recorded times steadily decreased. Times were posted also to the WNMS website – thanks to Brandon Braam for his great organizational work.

For some it was part of their TR Triathlon or Emperor’s Challenge training; for others it was just a chance to enjoy spring and summer evenings with like-minded TR folks. These numbers are a credit to Tumbler Ridge – Vancouver is a thousand times bigger than us, so just imagine the proportional equivalent of 27,000 athletes lining up eight Monday evenings in a row to go for a jog….