Fly, rabbit, fly

Trent Ernst, Editor


Move over Easter bunny! In Tumbler Ridge, it is Lions that bring the Easter cheer to the boys and girls in town.

Over the last decade or so, the Lions club of Tumbler Ridge has been planning and executing the annual Easter Egg hunt here in town.

After a number of years with beautiful weather, this year’s Easter fell on a day that threatened snow.

So for the first time since the event started, it was held indoors. Or at least, partially indoors, in rooms 4 and 5 at the Community Centre. Inside was face painting, Easter Bonnet decorations, colouring and the egg hunt for kids under the age of four, while outside, the karate club ran the pie throwing booth, and the Lions did the egg hunt for the two older groups of kids.

While there seemed to be fewer people at this year’s event, it felt a lot busier, due to the confined spaces. And while the sky threatened snow, it never delivered more than a few errant flakes, allowing the outdoor events to take place as scheduled.

The kids went home happy, and at last report, completely wired on sugar after a fun, albeit chilly event.