Food Bank filled for Thanksgiving

_mg_5688_webTrent Ernst, Editor

It’s amazing what a difference a month makes.

Just one month ago, Food Bank Coordinator Russ Morgan was worried that the Food Bank would run out of food.

Now, on the heels of a number of fundraising projects, a new donation program through Shop Easy, and a Thanksgiving Food Drive, the Food Bank is now full.

Morgan says he couldn’t begin to guess how much food came in as part of the drive, which saw the Tumbler Ridge Fire Department, the Junior Rangers and a number of other volunteers canvas the town for donations. “We got a tonne of stuff,” he says, though points out he doesn’t mean a literal tonne. “I was very impressed. It filled all the shelfs in the main food room, in the storage room, and in my office.”

Morgan, who took over as coordinator a few months ago, says he is very impressed by the amount of stuff that came. “I was taken by surprise, honestly, having never done that before.”

This Food Drive is not to replace the District’s annual Food Drive, which happens closer to Christmas, but was done to help replenish the shelves, which were starting to get bare due to a higher-than-normal demand over the last couple of years.

“Everyone did such a great job. I’m really grateful,” says Morgan.