Forever Young Society Hosts HD Mining workers

Ellen Sager


The Forever Young Society hosted the HD Mining workers three afternoons. Members of the Society put together a bag and box for each worker. The member’s handmade hats for the workers. In addition, LaPrairie Crane gave us some hats for them. The bags included a pair of socks and a box which contained a small bag of goodies including candy, homemade cookies, TR District hat pin, a pen, a TR District shopping bag and other miscellaneous items. There were Chinese that knew English. Also, they used an ipad program that translates Chinese simplified to English and vice versa. Many showed pictures from their home town in China. They shared pictures of their families that they are able to communicate with using a special software they have. The seniors have invited them to join us for coffee any time. Some of the workers love to fish and Ron Klein offered to show them some of the best spots. We hope to have more get-togethers in the new year; hopefully at the Chinese New Year in February. We thank all the workers for joining the seniors in celebration of Christmas. Some Chinese in China do celebrate Christmas and they do have Santa.