Fossil Road Show: Take Two

The TR Public Library once again opened its doors for an exciting Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation event. The second annual Fossil Road Show kicked off the Dino Days weekend September 3rd. The invitation was for people to bring their fossils or interesting rocks and have them identified and discussed by a group of expert palaeontologists and geologists.

On hand for the evening were local palaeontologists Rich McCrea and Lisa Buckly as well as geologists Doug Foerster and Michel Delpierre. Adults and children alike arrived with their rocks and fossils to have them examined by the experts. ?One of the most interesting fossils we?ve seen tonight is a trilobite,? said Lisa Buckly. ?A trilobite is a marine invertebrate, related to insects. We also saw a partial mastodon tooth, as well as clams, scallops and leaves from the area.?

Museum Director Chuck Lair, who is a biologist himself said, ?This is a great way for the public to see what the museum is doing and meet the people who are doing the work. It also builds interest when people can bring their own fossils and have them examined by the experts?.

?It is fantastic that we have the opportunity to meet, socialize and talk about fossils in this wonderful facility,? said Charles Helm. ?Thank you to the Library who is always willing to host events.?

Geologist Michel Delpierre, who is up from Vancouver visiting family, also took part in the Road Show. Delpierre had other reasons for coming to Tumbler Ridge as well. ?Fifty-three years ago, in South Africa, Charles Helm?s father was my teacher. We got along very well, he was a wonderful man? said Delpierre. ?When I found out that his son was in Tumbler Ridge, I wanted to meet him. It has been lovely. I can only say positive things about this community. The people are great, the weather has been kind to us and we hope to come back for another visit soon?.

What a great way to kick off Dino Days!