The Fossil Road Show is an innovative event created by the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation (TRMF); now the Royal British Columbia Museum?s ?Living Landscapes? program will literally get the show ?on the road? by hosting it in Fort St. John on May 27.

The Royal BC Museum, in collaboration with the North Peace Historical Society and Northern Lights College, is sponsoring a celebration of the Living Landscapes, to showcase the human and natural history of the Peace River-Northern Rockies Region. Living Landscapes sponsored two of the TRMF?s projects in 2003: the excavation of BC?s first dinosaur and BC?s first Dino Camps. When Living Landscapes coordinator Kathleen O?Neill invited a delegation to make presentations at the May event, TRMF president Carolyn Golightly suggested that the Fossil Road Show might make an excellent addition to the program.

The Fossil Road Show (inspired by television?s Antique Road Show) made its debut in downtown Tumbler Ridge in July 2003. While not traditional ?antiques?, this event provided a forum for people with rock and fossil collections to consult experts and have their specimens identified, evaluated and appraised. With more than 120 people in attendance, tables were strewn with specimens for the expert panel, which consisted of

palaeontologists Rich McCrea and Lisa Buckley, and geologists Doug Foerster and Kevin Sharman.

A new addition to the expert panel in Fort St. John will be invertebrate palaeontologist Dr. Rolf Ludvigsen. Ludvigsen, who supervised the excavation of the elasmosaur in Courtenay BC, recently relocated to Moberly Lake from Denman Island. And young Daniel Helm, co-discoverer of the first dinosaur footprints in Tumbler Ridge, will be on hand for Living Landscapes? school program May 27 and 28.

With the aid of a Special Projects grant from the Northern Lights College Foundation, the Fossil Road Show will add Hudson?s Hope to the circuit this summer and, for as long as the dinosaur excavation project continues, the show will be a distinctive summer feature in Tumbler Ridge. For more information on the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation?s activities, refer to or call 242-DINO.