Free Educational Resources For Young Learners

(NC)-Parents of five to seven year olds and educators working in kindergarten through Grade 2 will be pleased to hear that they can now access a set of resources for these young learners, at no charge, through, an educational portal developed and operated by the Virtual School Society (VSS). Bailey?s Book House (language arts), Millie?s Math House, Sammy?s Science House and Trudy?s Time and Place House (social studies) are interactive, online resources that provide children with fun activities that feel like play but which are designed to support learning in key academic areas.

?We are committed to providing children, parents and educators with access to high-quality learning materials that help support kids? success from a very early age.? Said Gordon Milne, VSS president. ?Research shows that an investment in the early years has long-term payback. Children who are engaged in learning activities at a young age are more ready to learn when faced with the challenges of school than children who are not exposed to these types of supports.?

In addition to the materials for children, there are also learning resources for educators and for parents who home-school their kids, for each subject title:

. A complete Teacher?s Guide (PDF format)

. Individual Classroom Activity Guides

. Individual Take-Home ?Together Time? Activities

. Activity-specific Lesson Plans.

VSS, funded through a grant from BC?s Ministry of Education, offers other services at no cost through including tutoring for 21 courses, access to over 2500 courses offered by schools in BC?s public education system and to library resources and advising. – News Canada