Freezer Burn – A Chilly Comedy

Another season wraps for Theatre On the Ridge ? Young People?s Drama. On Saturday, April 24th, Theatre On The Ridge had their final production for this season. They performed a 5 act play called ?Freezer Burn- A Chilly Comedy?, in Rooms $ & 5 of the Community Centre. Approximately 45 people attended The acting troupe consisted of (in alphabetical order) ? Natalie & Kim Cameron, Tassie & Janet Delpierre, Connor & Sara Hunter, Laura Majoros, Kyla MacNeil, Alyssa & Amanda Thomas and Karli Watt.

The group did a great job delivering comedic barbs right on cue and were complimented by the wonderful set designed an created by Claudia Hunter.

The entire play took place at the fictional address of 222 Boogeyman Avenue in Anytown, BC. As the actors switched from indoor to outdoor, they met with a few comical glitches and shared some laughs with the audience.

The premise of the play revolved around a young family who came to Anytown to buy a home and they run into some delightfully frightening encounters with a ghost in their freezer. A mystic is on hand to help, or hinder as she often did. The parents and children of this strange new town showed their quirky personalities bright and bold.

The cast ended the play by thoughtfully presenting drama leader Erin Hanna with a thank you card and potted plant. These kids are great, as are their parents who show such support throughout the year. Theatre On The Ridge is an open-registration club and new members are always welcome. At this time, however, they will break for the summer and begin again in the Fall. For information please contact Erin Hanna 242-3364 or email