Mother?s Day, Father?s Day, Christmas Day, the Queen?s birthday, Labour Day. We?ve all heard about these holidays; however, we hear very little about a most important day that should be remembered with honor, respect, and well wishes.

How about celebrating ?G-Day!? You are probably scratching your head at this point wondering was in the world is G-Day. Of course, I am talking about Grandparent?s Day.

In my case, I personally had never heard of such a thing as Grandparent?s Day until other grandparents mentioned the occasion as a declared holiday. I was surprised to hear this since no one else I knew reserved this day as special on the calendar. My not knowing too much about G-Day may have something to do with the fact that both my grandparents and parents have passed on. As a family, we had always celebrated known holidays such as Mother and Father?s day, to give honor and respect and love to our beloved parents who were also grandparents to many grandchildren. It just never occurred to us to think about G-Day.

You?d think we as Canadians would have had some plan of our own to motivate us to celebrate G-Day without someone actually declaring it a special day marked on a calendar. However, someone did decide to make it a priority. On September 27, 1994, Mr. Sarkis Assadourian, Don Valley North, Liberal, introduced Bill C-274, an act asserting the second Sunday of September as Grandparent?s Day throughout Canada.

In my view, this day of honoring grandparents is well deserved, but this special day often rides past its given date in September without so much as a thought by many Canadians. It actually took somebody in government to bring it to the country?s attention.

Why should you or I bother with giving G-Day attention? After all grandparents are really just parents and they will be given attention on Father?s Day and Mother?s Day. So why the big fuss.

Grandparents deserve more that a little bit of attention not only because they have contributed a lot to society. It?s more than just having paid their dues and taxes to our country as a whole. They gave in the way that the world doesn?t often make mention. Sometimes the biggest differences to society are made quietly, not with the trumpets of societal attention. Grandparents are quiet heroes.

Grandparents provide a nurturing balance to a child?s life, particularly in a time when both parents are forced to work outside the home. It also allows children to interact with senior citizens from the get go. This could be described as bridge building between generations. Grandparents become our children?s best cheerleaders throughout their growing years.

My sister Lise said concerning grandparents, ?Grandparents are usually the glue that binds the past and the future together. They also bind the family as well. They have stories to tell that remind us of who we are, how we got here, etc?. They give us our base of life ? ethics, religion, love.?

Someone pointed out that ?we need to share a history and information that we can give our grandchildren. Just as in the movie ?Roots?, the children grow stronger, by having a strong base to grow on. The base of who they are, and, why they are who there are!?

As role models, grandparents are excellent. They show the endurance of love in a society where homes are breaking down as the speed of light. They show a continuance of relationships that is missed from divorced couples; as grandparents they show that they will always love them despite what happens. Self-sacrificial love is a huge strong point as far as giving kids much needed attention specifically in homes where the grandparents are raising them. It is a well-known fact that grandparents today are raising many Canadian children. (Refer to www.CANGRANDS.com for further information.)

If you stop and think of this for a minute, grandparents are parents with wisdom. They?ve been around the block a few times as far as children are concerned – and as parents! Though the times have changed, kids are exposed to so much more; grandparents can bring an honest, time-tested approach to dealing with everyday issues. Who do you call when you need rock solid advice? When she was still living, I often called my Mother. She was a mother of nine kids and a grandmother of more than 15 grandchildren, the last time I counted. Now that is a lot of wisdom. She was a role model for me as a mother and as a grandmother.

Let?s admit kids will often go to grandparents before they will go to their parents if they have a concern. Not that parents aren?t good parents; it is simply that grandparents might have a calmer, not-in-your-face technique of dealing with pre-adolescent and teenage matters. They don?t have the Yikes! method of handling catastrophes. The ?What-were-you-thinking-mentality? the first time they hear about something slightly outrageous going on in their grandchild?s life doesn?t surface as easily as it did when they were parents to their own kid?s years before. They survived their own parenting years and they know that things will just work out on their own. I think grandparents have more of a let?s-talk-about-it angle in dealing with certain things relating to crisis.

Piercing an ear, dying hair orange, or coming home late past nine, isn?t as earth shattering to them as it is for the parents. They know these things have a way of working themselves out in the long run. My own son pierced his ear at an early age and within a few weeks, he decided to give up on that idea. Agreed, some things take longer to work themselves out, but in time all things come to a conclusion.

Face it, many grandparent?s have survived huge trials of their own over the years, the Great Depression, the Second World War, to name a few, in addition to personal hardships that would shake a mountain; they know they just won?t fall off the face of the earth if certain events happen. Grandparents are rocks in the face of adversity; specifically the kinds kids face today. If you want to learn anything about life, talk to grandparents.

There is a lot more I could tell you about why grandparents deserve a special G-Day.

I could tell you all about the fun things they do with grandchildren, the fantastic baking, the crafts, all the normal grandparent things they do that make them stand out as who they are.

My daughter has a simple way of saying why grandparents deserved a special day. ?Grandparents are there for you and they help you do things.? That?s it in a nutshell as far as she is concerned.