Garden Club

Join the Garden Club. At registration night there will be seeds and tulip bulbs for give away or 5 tulip bulbs for $4.00 (McFayden bulbs). The membership is $10.00 per year and if you join now this will be until April, 2009. Benefits include getting free seeds and perennials from members, learning from others and expert speakers, fun planting, weeding and watering. You will have the opportunity to visit other gardens and gain knowledge of landscaping and growing in Tumbler Ridge which is zone 2 and depending on circumstances, can be zone 3. There will be a list which you can see who has perennials for give away and who needs perennials. Just put the name of the perennial and your phone number and we can see if giver and receiver can be united.

Mr. Frost is coming shortly; however, we have had a good summer. The Hartford Gardens (in front of the caboose) is looking good. For those new to town the Gardens are named after Janet Hartford who was a teacher when Tumbler Ridge was established. She has been very active in the community from day one and has been recognized in many ways. As the matriarch in Tumbler Ridge we called the gardens after her.

Space is being reserved in Garden Heaven for the weeders, planters and waterers of the Hartford Gardens; namely, Angie Ekins, Evelyn Sankovic, Nellie Meredith, Celine Paradis, Gwen Cook, and Jeanette Johnson. If I have forgotten anyone I apologize. However, the garden club relies on others for opinions, for help in providing refreshments, for donations, etc. Some of these members in the recent past have been Jan Kohlhauser, Pat Blew, Roy and Jane Phillips, Jean Kennedy, Sharon Bray, Loraine Funk, and others. Also, some donations have been received from Dr. Helm (the benches and other donations), Janet Hartford, Ina Walton and others. If you wish to give we are happy to put your money to good use; however, we are not a registered charitable organization so we cannot provide you with a receipt for taxation purposes. We have been so fortunate and had donations of rose bushes, etc. and this allows us to be a group that does not have to be hitting everyone up for funds. We are not good fundraisers.

Hasn?t the downtown area looked great? There were a few persons who adopted a flower bed. It was a bit disappointing that there was some destruction and some beds had to be replanted. Hopefully that will not reoccur in the future because it is a damper on volunteerism. If you did this you should remember next year that you should volunteer to adopt a bed. Lynn Way and Shirley Hanburg volunteered as well as Angie Ekins, Theresa Lehman, Barb MacEachern and Linda Halpin (the post office group). The major problem is watering and the town did water many of the beds but certainly they are not responsible for all of the beds on private property and we are blessed with the watering they did this year. The two beds at the front of the medical centre are done by volunteers and the side of the medical centre. The front of the centre has been started with perennials, Patsy and Michelle doing the best job and if you have any extra perennials you can just dig a hole and put them in there and it will make things look better. The RCMP is also looked after privately or by volunteers.

Bev Fournier and helpers from the public works department did a great job. The tourism bureau garden was very well done and we, of course, are blessed with all the hanging baskets.

For fall you can get some weed and feed. This is if you are not too concerned about the poison in the weed part. If you have animals you should research and find out what is dangerous to animals. You don?t have to clean up everything. Sometimes leaving the plants alone will allow for them to have some cover. All those people who say, clean up the peonies, do not know my mother?s award winning peonies which were only cleaned up in the spring. This is the time to plant any bulbs. One of the sources of bulbs is McFayden seeds in Manitoba. The web site is There are lots of other suppliers as well.

Thanks again to those who work so hard to make the town look great. The Garden Club will gather together October 30 on the last Tuesday of the month in room one at the Community Centre. September is the time for cleaning up Hartford Gardens. Go to the Gardens on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 or so and help out. If you can?t work physically you can come and supervise or you can bring a treat for those who are working.

For more information, contact Nellie at 242-4930 or e-mail Ellen at There is a web page at