Garden Club

Come to the Garden Club meeting on Tuesday, October 30th at 7:00 p.m. in Room 1 of the Community Centre. Bev Fournier will be our guest speaker willing to answer questions you might have. Bev worked for the town this summer and created wonderful gardens making Tumbler Ridge a beautiful place.

In addition to this we have seeds for planting that should provide much colour to your gardens next year. These include Maltese Cross (red – hummingbirds love this), pink Forget-me-not, small yellow Poppies, Columbine, purple Double Cluster, purple Poppies, blue Cornflowers, Marigolds, blue Forget-me-nots.

You can also find out who has some perennials that you might get in the spring to plan your garden for next year.

Don?t forget the deer. They love tulips so you can plant them now!! All the fall bulbs can be planted now – tulips daffodils, snow drop, etc.

When working in the Hartford Gardens a grouse was seen. A beautiful picture of it is on the bulletin board in Room One.

Those wondering what those purple and white plants are in the Medical Centre gardens, they are flowering Kale and flowering Cabbage. Join us for a great night of talking gardening. Happy gardening. WANTED: pictures of wildflowers in the Tumbler Ridge area. These can be a photo, a slide or a digital photo. Purpose: to create a slide show to be available for any group in TR. Contact Ellen Sager at 242-5283 or e-mail