Garden Club

Come to our first meeting of the year on Tuesday, March 25 at 7:00 p.m. in Room One of the Communtiy Centre.

We will view a ?Recreating Eden?s video titled Kingsbrae Gardens, St. Andrew?s, New Brunswick?. One of the top ten public gardens in Canada, it is designed for the general public but also has designed areas for children and the blind.

There is no charge for attending. There will be a question and answer period. What you could find out is where persons have perennials that they are going to split. The best source of perennials is from friends who have success. The cost of course is zero; the only way to go. Paying $15 or $20 for perennials is not necessary. There is a beautiful flower bed that Ellis Howard planted many years ago on the back side of the caboose. The deep blue delphiniums and the various colours of columbine are wonderful. There are always babies and these can be transplanted.

Spring will have arrived by the time we have the meeting. Although it is a little early for planting there is no harm in planning what will make a beautiful show.

Happy Gardening