Garden Club

It?s August, summer is nearly over. The Garden Club will meet on Tuesday, August 25 at 7:00 p.m. in Room 1 of the Community Centre. Anyone wanting to share perennials please contact Ellen at 250-242-5283 or We have topsoil and it is possible but we can?t promise that after we do some work in September there might be some we can sell for a donation to the Garden Club. You must call me and I will put you on the list if there is any left. Of course, the Hartford Gardens did not survive Grizfest. Our willow basket was dumped and the flowers ruined. Many thanks to Shirley Lausch for giving us some of her flowers to make the rest of the season beautiful at the gardens.

You will notice our new children?s flower beds. It was too late to get flowers for the pre-school children to plant but we will be doing this in the spring. We received a BC 150 grant which is designed to recognize volunteers by granting $50 for each volunteer that does a minimum of five hours.

When planning your garden changes the following information may be of help especially if you have children or pets. The following are poisonous and you should take precautions: Hyacinth, narcissus and daffodil bulbs, dieffenbachia, elephant ear, rosary pea and castor bean seeds (one or two castor bean seeds are near the lethal dose for adults), larkspur (young plant and seeds may be fatal), monkshood, autumn crocus, lily-of-the-valley leaves and flowers, iris leaves, bleeding heart foliage and roots, rhubarb leaf blade is fatal, wisteria seeds and pods, rhododendrons and azaleas ( all parts are fatal), jasmine berries are fatal, yew berries and foliage are fatal, wild and cultivated cherries twigs and foliage are fatal, oaks foliage and acorns (which we don?t have here), elderberry (all parts, especially roots), black locust bark, sprouts and foliage, mistletoe berries are fatal, buttercups (all parts). There are more. Calla Lily leaves, snow-on-the-mountain leaves, stems and milky sap, poinsettia leaves, stems, and milky sap, orchid (lady?s slipper) bulbs, chrysanthemum leaves and stems, tulip bulbs, sweet pea (entire plant, especially the seeds), amaryllis bulbs, black-eyed Susan, caladium houseplant leaves, crown-of-thorns. This is just a sample of plants that may be poisonous. Well, enjoy the last of the season. Happy gardening.