Garden Club

Note: Our usual September meeting of the 27th has been changed to Oct. 4th due to the availability of Dr. Helm.

Well, fall has officially arrived and it is time to clean up the garden. You need to pull out those annuals and make a decision about those perennials. Some people say you should clean up the plants like the peonies and some say leave them until the spring. I think you should leave them with their vegetation protecting them over winter and then clean them up early in the spring but it seems no one is right and both methods work fine. The spring bulbs need to be planted. A good source of bulbs is McFayden?s (it has a web site). Tulips, crocuses, daffodils, etc. look great in the spring if the deer haven?t devoured them. You can always say you have been good and fed the deer when no tulips come up. Hopefully, however, you might find a method of saying goodbye to the deer ? bone meal across your property line is supposed to work.

We are postponing our perennial sale until spring; however, if you come to our meetings you will sometimes be able to find a plant you want by asking around or if you have plants to give you usually can find someone who wants them. The price is usually right ? free. Poppy seeds can be had by the thousands. Delphinium, columbine, silver mound, lupins, sweet William, just to mention a few are all ones that the members have seeds or plants.

We have a real treat for our next meeting on Tuesday, October 4 at 7:00 p.m. in the Library. Dr. Charles Helm will give a slide presentation on ?Birds in the Tumbler Ridge Area? and discuss attracting birds to your garden. Dr. Helm has produced the pamphlet on the birds of Tumbler Point in the Tumbler Ridge Sanctuary. You can find it on the web site of TROG. He is also a renowned photographer, author of two books, president of the Museum Foundation and involved in trails, running, and many more activities. Everyone is welcome to come to the presentation. There is no cost. There will be refreshments and door prizes.

Our October 25th meeting will be on a Tuesday in Room 1 of the Community Centre. Bob Styles, a resident of Tumbler Ridge, will speak on landscaping. He was a landscaper in his working years. He would like you to provide landscaping questions prior to the meeting so he could prepare answers. Please phone Ellen at 242-5283 or e-mail at If you would like your house/garden photographed to show your question give me a call and I will do that. Again, everyone is welcome.

Check out our web site and you will find some pictures from the garden tour and the dedication of Hartford Gardens. The web site is a work in progress and I sometimes have problems that I must solve since I am only learning web design so if you see errors they are usually due to some problem I am having.


You can find the Tumbler Ridge Orthnology Group?s (TROG?s) web site at

On this site the birds of Tumbler Point are listed. We will be cleaning up the garden as soon as the flowers are killed off by the frost. Anyone wanting to help can call me at 242-5283. Enjoy the flowers while they last. What a treat we are having. Happy gardening.