Garden Club

Spring is just around the corner says Wyerton Willie, the groundhog from Ontario. Those garden/seed catalogues have been coming and have been making you think of how nice your garden will be this spring and summer. Well on Tuesday, February 28 at 7:00 p.m. in Room 1 of the Community Centre Ellis Howard will join the Garden Club to give us instructions on starting seeds. You will be able to answer any questions you want. Ellis is an expert in all vegetables and flowers. Also he will gladly answer any other questions.

Members are also very knowledgeable and can answer questions. Furthermore, if you are looking for perennials you can come and find out what members have to share later in the spring so you can plan ahead. Also indoor plants might need some care about now. Some repotting with longer days and sometimes you need to divide some plants. Then it is a time to find a home for those new ones. Anyone new to town and who couldn?t bring plants with them might think about coming to a meeting and seeing what members might have to share with them.

Membership is $10 a year but our year starts in May so that is when we will be accepting memberships for the next year. Keep March 28 open for a slide presentation by Mira Landsdowne of wildflowers, etc.

If you have any questions contact Jeanette at 242-5272 or e-mail Ellen at Web site is Everyone is welcome to all meetings. Your input, your participation and just coming to have some fun is appreciated.

The canna, marigolds, petunias and aloe vera are doing beautifully here. For some reason Jack Frost doesn?t come here to Palm Springs and although the peope here think there are seasons, there is summer all year long and eternal golfing. Happy Gardening.