Garden Club

Ask not what your Garden Club can do for you; ask what you can do for your Garden Club.

This last year has given the town residents a lovely garden called the Hartford Gardens including a wonderful dedication ceremony last July. For new people in town Hartford Gardens is the gardens in front of the caboose. We gave the towns people the opportunity to tour almost20 beautiful gardens in our town. There are outstanding properties and superb gardeners in Tumbler Ridge.

We offered speakers at the Club, such as Ellis Howard on seedlings, Dr. Helm spoke on birds, Bob Styles on landscaping, Karen Thomas on composting and others.

We have perennials we give away. We get coupons for discounts at different places. We give prizes and door prizes. We also took care of the visitor building?s flower beds. If you have questions about flowers to plant, landscaping, trees that will grow here, perennials to spare by club members – join us on Tuesday night.

The town benefits, visitors, benefit and people who join us whether officially paying the $10 membership or not gain much knowledge and lots of fun. Our meetings are the last Tuesday of each month. Join us on Tueasday, May 30 at 7:00. For information call Ellen at 242-5283 or