Garden Club

The Garden Club met Tuesday, May 30 2006 and the following agreed to form the executive: Ellen Sager (242-5283), chair; Jeanette Johnson (242-5272), secretary; Celine Paradis, treasurer; Nellie Meredith and Delores Norman, phoning committee.

Those who go to gardener heaven – the planters, weeders and waters will be out in full force again this year. Of course, any day anyone can go to Hartford Gardens and find pleasure in playing in the dirt; however, we have set Monday, June 5 as a work day to clean everything up and make it ready for planting. Although Nellie would like to be there shortly after 5:00 a.m. most of us think around 9:00 is good. Those who work can aim for 6:30 p.m.. We?ll see you there.

Some of the plants are being purchased June 5 and you will receive a call for the planting day. The weekly day for the summer will be a Monday for working at the garden. Some people are physically unable to weed but you can come down and find out information on things, keep others company or perhaps bring some cookies for the workers. There are picnic tables to sit at and enjoy.

Many members have perennials to share as well as information they can share. You are welcome to give us a call and get a list of members to contact.

Members will have a garden tour of members? gardens this year. If you wish to take part please join us. This will be a fun summer. For more information please call Ellen or Jeanette. web site: e-mail