Garden Club

The frost has finished most flowers and it is time to clean up the garden. Plant those bulbs now. If anyone watches Sisko on TV he suggested planting tulip bulbs one foot down instead of the three times the size of the bulb.

This way the tulips will not multiply and they will be good for many years.

Our next meeting is early because of Hallowe?en on the 31st. We will have our meeting in the library at 7:00 p.m. on October 24th.

There will be a video on landscaping. Everyone is welcome. If there is a change of location it will be Room 1.

There are many bulbs you can plant – daffodils and crocus are two popular ones.

The crocus will greet spring. Hyacinths are wonderful for fragrance. You will be happy to have colour in your garden early.

Forget those deer. There are ways to rid yourself of them. Come to the Garden Club meetings and members will give you hints on keeping the gardens free of certain animals that like your plants.

We have zippy in our back yard. He is a squirrel and he comes for his peanuts. He will take them from your hand or dive into a pocket and get them.

The birds need food and water too. If you want to know more about the birds in the area there is a brochure which you can get at the Community Centre which lists all the birds that habit this area.

Dr. Helm has compiled this list and, I believe, likes to know what birds have been seen in the area. This is a wonderful place for bird watching and there are many ways to encourage birds to come to your garden.

Shrubs, evergreen trees, trees and shrubs with berries like the mountain ash or the cottoneaster. Water is good to have for them. They like to have their bath too. So plan to take care of the wildlife by making your garden friendly.

The November meeting will be a dinner – place will be announced later. Members have worked hard and this is their reward for all those hours weeding, watering and planting. Let?s hope the snow doesn?t fly too soon but remember it is good for protection of the plants.

Happy Gardening.