Garden Club Beautifies the Community

If you have been downtown lately you may have noticed some new additions to the lovely garden next to the caboose. The garden is there thanks to the hard work of the Garden Club and now has a gorgeous, handcrafted eagle gracing the centre of the flowerbeds. Local artisan Rob McCallum carved this spectacular eagle. The new rustic benches were donated by Dr. Charles Helm and provide the perfect place to sit and enjoy the lovely garden as well as the mountains in the background. Local log artist Garrett Golhof created the beautiful base that the eagle is sitting on as well as the rustic benches.

The Garden Club takes care of the flower garden and the area surrounding the garden. One of their purposes is to beautify the community and they are succeeding. ?The Garden has been part of our ongoing attempt to provide both residents and tourists with a lovely area to enjoy. We hope that everyone uses it to meet and to have lunch and enjoy the garden and the big rock and the eagle,? said Ellen Sager, Garden Club treasurer.

The garden downtown is an area to be proud of. The club uses it?s own money to buy everything needed to create this sanctuary, including plants, hoses, fertilizers and even garbage bags so they can keep the area clean and free of debris.