Garden Club Report

The Garden Club is holding its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, April 27 at 7:00 p.m. in Room 1 at the Community Centre. We welcome all interested in learning about gardening, helping with the Garden Club’s work in making Tumbler Ridge a more beautiful place, and just socializing with others with similar interests.

Sager’s rules of order will apply to the meeting – all members who do not attend are subject to be voted to an executive position, no consent required!!

The Garden Club has had a wonderful year by changing the area in front of the caboose into a very beautiful display of flowers, shrubs and trees. This year more planting of perennials, a few shrubs and a few trees will take place to enhance the gardens. The dry year last year made watering a challenge for us but we dragged the hoses to the garden and faithfully watered the plants. The Garden Club thanks the businesses for buying the beautiful hanging baskets that we sold as a fundraiser. Our other major fundraiser was the bingo. We have had speakers such as Ellis Howard and we have seen videos on gardening. Garden Club members toured gardens. Visit the library and see the photograph album of Tumbler Ridge in Bloom last year. The album is only a sampling of the many more houses that were as beautiful.

Next year we hope to build a willow trellis for the garden, to have a trip perhaps to Dawson Creek, a garden tour for the public in the summer, more speakers and videos, and a lot of fun. Join us and help us plan a fun-filled year.