Garden Club wraps up the season

The Garden Club has had a wonderful year. The Hartford Gardens were dedicated in honour of Janet Hartford. Even though it was a cold day, it was a wonderful event attended by Dr. Charles Helm, the Honourable Jay Hill, Mayor Clay Iles, the Tumbler Ridge Choral Society and Brian Bray and his band. Also, at least 50 residents of Tumbler Ridge were present. Of course, Janet and George Hartford attended and we were so happy that their children and grandchildren could join in the festivities. The benches were donated by Dr. Helm and made by Garrett Golhof. The eagle was carved by Rob McCallum. Anyone interested in getting a plague made just contact the Garden Club. It is a beautiful job.

The garden tour was terrific even in the cold and threatening rain. The first prize was to 167 Gwillam, Lyn and Glenn Miller with beautiful landscaped gardens including water fountains. There were 19 homes and trailers that participated. We only had one trailer but it was super. Diane and John Bourcier have only been here a year at 139 Meikle but they have flowers everywhere and they have made a wonderful start. Next year we hope to see more trailers in the tour and, of course, we want to see Bourcier?s and what a year will do. We hope you will consider entering the tour but if not, keep July 22, 2006 open for touring the gardens of Tumbler Ridge. You can see pictures of those on the tour on our web site ? Prizes were donated by a number of businesses including EnCana and Lee Valley but locally Northern Metalic gave us TR Fertilizer, TR Inn gift shop gave us a wall hanging, Garrett Golhof gave us a crafted clock and Mike Ekins gave us a crafted clock. Artful Gardens in Dawson Creek and Apex Optical gave us coupons for a discount and Lakeview Credit Union and Brenda Banham gave pens for distribution. Barton Insurance supplied vehicle garbage bags for distribution. We thank all our supporters.

We had a number of speakers including Ed Martin on ponds and fountains, Ellis Howard answering questions on anything, Mike Sidwell on roses, Dr. Charles Helm on birds in Tumbler Ridge, Bob Styles on landscaping and Karen Thomas of PRRRDY on composting. Our thanks to each of them for taking his/her time to share his/her knowledge. If you have any expertise or know of anyone please tell us.

Membership is $10. If you are new to town you might need some plants because it was too cold to move your own. You can give us a call and we will see what we can do. Plants or slips ? Red Prayer Plant, Crown Of Thorns, African Violets, Ivy, etc. Or we meet the last Tuesday of the month except December and January. Your cactus might have bloomed already or should be blooming. If you haven?t one I saw some lovely ones at Shop Easy. Remember they like it cool. If you have a friend with one and want to start one, just take a piece off and put it in soil. By next year you will have a lovely little plant or come to the Garden Club and someone will be able to give you a piece for starting. Poinsettias are, of course, the flower of Christmas and they are lovely. Many get them and then throw them out. Some people are successful keeping them green. Few people get them to re-bloom. You would have to look up some instructions for that but I have seen the instructions and it is possible. They do like water and the ?big? ones are usually just three plants in one.

Other house plants may need some care but remember all plants need a little rest period and then maybe some fresh soil to perk them up. This might be a January project when you have Christmas all finished. Also, it will be time to get all those seed catalogues. You might not start your own but it is sure fun to look at the catalogues and see what might be nice to try. If you don?t get any now see the web site or look up on the internet or give us a call. We have lots of sources of catalogues. In February, Ellis will be giving us some guidance on how to start seeds for those who have the urge to do it all.

This year we also took care of the gardens at the Visitor Information Centre. We received funding from the District of Tumbler Ridge for our dedication of the Hartford Gardens and the garden tour this year. This was a great help for us. Normally we must rely on our members? fees and donations. Anyone wishing to donate please give our treasurer, Alice a call at 242-3563. We buy the plants for the garden and we buy hoses and fertilizer, etc.

Thank you to the town and the many employees from grass cutters to the receptionists who help us in so many ways. Mayor Iles and Council have been very supportive and we look forward to working with the new Mayor and Council.

So who is in the Garden Club. Some even plant, weed and water. Jeannette Johnson is the secretary (242-5272); Alice de Niverville is our treasurer (242-3563); Peggy St. Angelo, Angie Ekins, Lorrie Laming, Evelyn Sankovic, Gwen Cook, Nellie Meredith, Janet Hartford, Brenda Harris, Delores Norman, Gordon Purdue, Pat Blew, Lisa Ruffell, Dianne Roy, Patsy Antle, Mike Sidwell, Loraine Funk, Glen & Lyn Miller, Jane & Roy Phillips, Ida & Ken Danish, Ellis Howard and Ellen Sager (242-5283) chair. E-mail Thanks to everyone for their support and I say there is a special place in heaven for the weeders and waterers. We also keep a list of those interested in knowing about the meetings and we call people to tell them about events and meeting programs. If you wish to be on that list call 242-5283.

In closing we wish everyone a good year for 2006. Some of our members or friends of the Garden Club need extra special care and we wish them the best. In particular, we wish Janet good spirits and if she can?t get them from on high she can give us a call and we will find some for her!

Happy Gardening