Get Game Ready for Grey Cup

It?s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the evenings a little cooler, and a barrage of back-to-school commercials serve as a constant reminder that summer is, in fact, coming to an end. For some Canadians, it means gearing up for months of hibernation and a new season of reality television. But for many more, it only means one thing – football.

The Canadian Football League (CFL) season is already underway and many Canadian sports fans are feverishly anticipating the coveted Grey Cup game, which kicks off in Ottawa, the nation?s capital, on Sunday, November 21st, 2004.

The history of the Grey Cup is as long as the Canadian coastline – evolving over the past 92 years from an award for rugby competition to the highest honour for professional football in Canada – from local collegiate rivalry to a battle of East versus West.

This year, instead of watching Pat Woodcock make a record-breaking, 99-yard touchdown reception from your living room couch, you could be doing your Grey Cup victory dance in the stands at Frank Clair Stadium along with 60,000 football fanatics as part of a super inclusive trip to the Grey Cup.

The CFL has partnered with Vector*, the official food energy of the CFL, to create an authentic and interactive CFL experience for fans, providing the opportunity to get into game shape and win prizes. By logging onto to complete the Vector*/CFL Challenge – ten intense all-pro training programs co-authored by a hard-hitting line-up of CFL players and CFL certified trainers – fans have a chance to instantly win one of 5,000 Vector*/CFL Training Bags or one of three Super Inclusive 2004 Grey Cup Experiences in Ottawa from November 18-22, which includes flights, accommodations, VIP tickets to the game, awards shows, parties, spending money and a two-hour interactive training session with a CFL player and trainer.

CFL Pros Share Training Tips With Fans

For close to a century now, the Canadian Football League (CFL) has made legends out of men. If you visit the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in Hamilton, you?ll see names like Warren Moon, who led the Edmonton Eskimos to five consecutive Grey Cup Championships between 1978 and 1982. Inductees like Russ Jackson also come to mind – arguably the best Canadian quarterback to ever play ? who held the record for Passing Yards Leader five years consecutively from 1962 to 1967.

Football can be likened to the ancient Olympic Games; its players the closest thing to modern day gladiators with a rock ?em, sock ?em, eat your opponent for breakfast attitude. And, much like the Canadian football athletes of yesteryear, the Khari Jones? and Eric Lapointe?s of modern sport inspire a type of hero-worship that effects a legion of devoted fans.

Close to half a million fans tune in each game to witness extraordinary feats of athleticism and awesome demonstrations of power, agility, energy, strength, and speed that make you want to trade in your tie and cubicle for a pair of cleats and a mouth guard.

But before you call your agent about the 2005 Training Camp, you should consider whether you?re game ready. After all, getting into game shape is the result of years of hard work and dedication on the part of these players with the decided advantage of training with professionally certified trainers.

So, the real question becomes, if you were given the chance to train like the pros, would you take it or would you be content playing armchair quarterback?

The CFL has partnered with Vector*, the official food energy of the CFL, to create an authentic and interactive CFL experience for fans giving them the opportunity to get into game shape and win prizes by going online to take the Vector*/CFL Challenge at

The challenge is comprised of ten intense all-pro training programs, co-authored by Team Vector*, a hard-hitting lineup of CFL players and CFL certified pro-trainers. With a goal to improve your agility, strength, energy, speed and power, the challenge takes you through the same type of rigorous program a CFL player would use in training for the pinnacle of the CFL season, the Grey Cup.

This is not fantasy football. If you want to get into game shape, you?ll have to do the work just like Edmonton Eskimos? linebacker and co-author of Team Vector?s* Power II Training Module, Singor Mobley who understands that working hard is the key to being successful. ?It?s the challenge of being successful in life that motivates me to do my best,? says Mobley.

As with all training programs, a proper diet tailored to your specific fitness goals is essential to your success. And, while a healthy lifestyle doesn?t come in a box, tools to help you get started certainly do. Find your motivation and get in the game.