Many folks complain when they find something amiss. Others just set about fixing the problem. one such person is Ellen Sager, resident in Tumbler Ridge for the past five years.

Ellen realized that medical visits to distant referral centre like Edmonton and Vancouver were often problematical. Not only is there the unfamiliarity of the big city, but expenses mount quickly. Ellen set about rectifying this by researching it, finding maps showing hospital locations, details on the quickest and cheapest ways of getting there and back, and on facilities associated with the hospitals that provide exceptionally inexpensive accommodation, and a whole lot more invaluable information.

Not content with this research, she then undertook to collate it all into attractive binders (one for Vancouver, one for Edmonton) and donated these to the Tumbler Ridge Health Centre. These will reside in the doctors? office, and will be made available to anyone needing to make such trips.

Ellen Sager has truly gone the extra mile, and her enthusiasm and caring have the potential to benefit many in their times of illness and need. From the staff of the Health Centre and Medical Clinic, many thanks!