Green Event Planning

As we approach the holidays, our social calendars tend to get very full. Being busy is no excuse for forgetting the environment though. From small family gatherings to large corporate Christmas parties, there are many things we can do to reduce the amount of garbage that we generate.

Prepared food simplifies meal time, but be aware of excessive or non-recyclable packaging.

·Catering companies respond to your needs. Ask about what is getting thrown out.

Not only does serving food on china or ceramic plates reduce garbage, it also adds a touch more class to your event.

·To keep things seasonal, have holiday inspired glassware that is reused every Christmas.

·Be sure to return those bottles and cans for a refund, or for much larger events, contact a non-profit group to clear tables and take the returnable containers with them.

·Cloth napkins add a little sophistication at the dinner table and can be reused throughout the season.

·For pot-luck gatherings have guests not only bring a food item, but also bring their own dinnerware. Everyone can then take home their dirty dishes and no one is stuck cleaning dishes for hours.

·Larger venues should remember that food prepared within FoodSafe guidelines qualify for donations to charities feeding the less fortunate.

For more tips on including the environment in your event planning, contact the Waste Reduction Office for our Green Event Planning brochure.