Grizfest 2016: Red Sun Rising

Red Sun Rising Photo 2016 (1)Rock music should be built to last!  “It’s not today’s rock, but it’s a new alternative,” declares singer and guitarist Mike Protich. “We want to uphold the foundation with subtle nuances of what’s familiar. It’s fresh because we’re telling our story through that framework.”

Sharing that story has been their goal since first breaking onto the scene in 2012.

The work ethic is another trait Red Sun Rising embraces. Through tireless gigging, they built up an impressive local fan base, soon attracting the attention of multiple labels.  Razor & Tie rushed to Akron in the Fall of 2014 and signed the band following a sold out hometown show. “I guess we played well that night,” chuckles Mike.

The band headed to Los Angeles shortly after to cut Polyester Zeal with celebrated producer Bob Marlette. “Bob helped us execute creating the record we wanted to make for a long time,” adds the frontman. “He knew how to achieve it. His philosophy was, ‘You guys have all the colours to paint the perfect picture. I’m just going to show you how to use them.’  That was cool.”

The first single “The Otherside” sees thick clean guitars clash with an unshakable refrain that’s as airy as it is anthemic.  “You can take it a couple different ways,” he explains.  “While here on earth, it doesn’t matter what trioubles you go through – you’re always going to come through on the other side.”

Polyester Zeal firmly establishes Red Sun Rising’s place in Rock.  The title sums it up,” concludes Mike. “Zeal is something you strive for, while Polyester is obtainable. The juxtraposition is, ‘What’s your obtainable dream?’ Ours is to tell stories through these songs.  Hopefully, it makes you feel something.  That’s what rock is supposed to do after all.”

Make sure you catch Red Sun Rising when they take the stage at Grizfest, Sunday, July 31 @ 5:00 PM.

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