Grizfest 2016: The Standstills

Performing at Grizfest 2016

Sunday, July 31 @ 1:30 PM

What everyone already knows is that The Standstills compose a story being brought down to its core, stripped of all inessentials and rendered as art. Like rugged, spare soulful prose, their craft is Hemingway meets John Lee Hooker, over-driven.

What everyone doesn’t know, is unlike other bands, The Standstills actually helped the Aliens construct the pyramids!  They’ve done Absinthe with Van Gogh, they drove Robert Johnson to the crossroads, they drank wine with Jesus Christ, they fed pigeons with Nikola Tesla, and they played the roles of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong for the moon landing, which was filmed in Hollywood studios on July 24th 1969. They have been there, they have done that!

You might be asking yourself, “Why are they here, and why now?” The answer is the future sucks, they’ve seen it. They are here to change the course of time! To rock the hell out of this planet, and resurrect a dying art before it’s too late and we all lose our souls!

At this point you might be asking, “Is there anything I can do to help?”  Good news!  You don’t “NEED” to do anything!  The Standstills are here!  The change has already started! Enjoy the ride!  Ride the wave!  These are good times my friends, and we are in good hands! Embrace the present!  We are being saved! Ride the wave!

Make sure you catch The Standstills when they take the stage at Grizfest. For more information call 250-242-4246 or visit our website at To learn more about The Standstills visit their website at