Grizfest 2016: Tom Cochrane


Saturday, July 30 @ 9:00 PM

To quote the title on one of his songs on his feverishly anticipated new record, Tom Cochrane is now “Back In The Game.”  Over the course of a long and illustrious career now spanning more than 40 years, the pride of Lynn Lake, Manitoba has covered more terrain than the Franklin expedition.

He has continued to create potent new materials while cementing his place in the hearts of Canadians through crowd-pleasing performances from coast to coast and his unwaivering work on behalf of humanitarian causes and organizations. An Order of Canada recipient and Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductee, Cochrane has won eight Juno Awards and numerous other industry honours, including the 2013 Allan Waters Humanitarian Award and a Grammy nomination.

Take It Home is the sound of an artist doing it for all the right reasons, following his muse wherever it leads, with no commercial imperatives in mind. “You start out doing this not because you want to be rich,” Tom reflects. “I have done really well in my career and life that way and I’m not doing it now because I want to be rich.  You do it for the passion and let the chips fall where they may. I’m just pretty lucky to be doing this at his sage of the game.  It’s still fun and I feel vital doing it.”

The ability to tell personal stories that have a universal resonance is a trademark of the troubadour, and this is a talent Tom Cochrane has always displayed.

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