After growing up in a life of extreme hardships, Bif Naked used her experiences to embark on a successful career.

Through all of her hardships, her creative and academic potential and her unstoppable humor were her weapons of self defense.

Bif showcased her life’s journey etched in tattoo ink across her body and with her unique ability to transform her true life stories into song lyrics, she found her voice as a solo artist, started her own record company Her Royal Majesty’s Records and at 23 years of age became a Platinum and Gold album selling International Recording Artist.

She embarked on seemingly endless international tours, several feature films and multiple television roles, only to be struck down with breast cancer at the age of 37, the newly married Bif would discover the passion for advocacy, and a triumphant return to health and what she cherished most of all – her own resilience, strength and her unfaltering relationships.  It’s already been a long, winding road that just continues on.

Saturday, August 1 @ 5:00 PM

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