Grizfest Entertainers


The Blue Voodoo will be performing in Tumbler Ridge at Grizfest Sunday, July 31

About the Blue Voodoo

Born out of the Delta in B.C. Canada, the Blue Voodoo has created their own unique blend of acoustic roots and blues-rock. What sets the blue voodoo apart from many bands today is their ability to provide rich harmonies and rhythms that will captivate anyone who hears them, that is voodoo magic for sure.

Rick “the devil” Dalgarno Rick?s unique singing style and guitar playing is inspiring and captivating. He provides a raw emotion and intensity that is rooted in the blues music he performs. Rick?s playing really shines through on the Delta Blues style and has a magic all his own on the Dobro.

Ted “Teddy J” Tosoff. Ted offers gripping vocals, superb harmonies and is terrific on rhythm guitar. He is multi-faceted in playing many instruments including keyboards, percussion and guitar as well as handling the group?s onstage engineering and sound when performing at smaller venues.

Chris “o-tay” Weekes offers great vocals and some crazy percussion. Chris Weekes’ own unconventional percussion is a cornerstone of the group, his ‘kit’ complete with tambourines, exotic instruments, shakers, along with the traditional snare and bass adds to the unique sound of this West Coast Group.

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