Grizfest Entertainers

Colin James Performing at Grizfest Music Festival

in Tumbler Ridge July 30, 2005

As one of Canada’s best guitarists, he has sold over one million records worldwide, seen most of the world, won many industry awards and international recognition for his versatility as a guitarist and his unforgettable voice. His diverse catalogue of music includes the blues/rock that got his career going, big band and his first musical love: the blues.

In 1988, Colin exploded onto the music scene as young guitar-slinger from Regina with a sound reminiscent of the great blues masters but at the same time uniquely his own. Needless to say, the world stood up and paid attention. In the years since his debut, Colin has dealt out multi-platinum rock albums, best selling big band records and chart topping singles. He has been called to the podium no less than six times to accept Juno Awards. Colin has performed with such noted musicians as mentor Stevie Ray Vaughan and Keith Richards and the likes of Mavis Staples, Lenny Kravitz, and Bonnie Raitt have made guest appearances on his records. His first “jump blues” album, Colin James & the Little Big Band, was certified double platinum in Canada and foreshadowed the big band craze of the late ’90’s by five years. His acoustic blues album National Steel won a Juno Award as Best Blues Recording and he was named Best Producer in 1999 for his work on Colin James & the Little Big Band II.

His music is his journey and his transport and it has brought him to his eighth full-length recording, Traveler. The album, produced by fellow Canadian Mark Howard (Lucinda Williams), was recorded and mixed primarily at the stunning Paramour Studio in Los Angeles.

Traveler features 3 covers, the first being the opening track “I’m Losing You” written by a man who was on his own journey, the late John Lennon. It was a real find for Colin, as he had always wanted to record a John Lennon song.

“For me this record was a chance to delve into writing in a more personal way,” says Colin. “It’s very different from my more blues oriented recordings. And I love the chance to expand the breadth of styles and sounds that more contemporary recordings afford.”

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