Grizfest – its a wrap

The music was top notch, the weather was cooperative, and those in attendance definitely had a good time. Grizfest 2004 has come and gone and the overall opinion is that it was a terrific weekend. Event coordinator Cheryl Hayden said, ?Each year Grizfest gets better and better. The weather has even been cooperative, only a few brief showers?. Thinking back to the first year of Grizfest, when there was constant rain and the odd flake of snow and people had to huddle around firepits to stay warm; this year?s weather was terrific.

Sunday afternoon?s entertainment featured many of Saturday?s performers giving an encore performance. Sunday saw Rose Ranger, The Ecclestons, The Twisters, Allen Dobb and Rick Scott. During a short break between entertainers a draw was made for the signed Fender guitar, which was won by Erin Tattersol. Congratulations Erin!

One of the highlights of Sunday evening was local performer Krista Buck, who won the audience over with her raw talent. As the grounds started filling up for the evening performance, people commented on the weekend.

?This whole event has had a great family atmosphere. The only people who didn?t enjoy this weekend were the ones who didn?t come,? said Glen from Prince George.

Mary from Fort St. John said, ?The coal mine may be closed but the days I had this weekend is Tumbler Ridge?s gold mine.?

The evening came alive with the amazing, violin heavy, gypsy rock style of the ?Plaid Tongue Devils?. Tumbler Ridge belly-dancer Janet Delpierre took the stage with the Plaid Tongues. The weekend ended with Sunday night?s headliner ?Jake Matthews?. ?We?ve been looking forward to playing in Tumbler Ridge all summer,? said Matthews. ?You have a beautiful town here.?

?I am pleased with the overall behavior of the people, there was no big trouble? said Hayden. ?Visitors showed a great respect for the town.?