Jerry Doucette came by his talent and success naturally; his family are musicians by trade.  At six years old Doucette got his own guitar, by eight years old he began lessons and by the age of 11 he had joined his first band, THE REEFERS.  Jerry remained with this band for five years before moving to Toronto and playing with various other bands such as TRIBE, BRUTUS, ABERNATHY SHAGNASTER and HOMESTEAD.  Eventually, Doucette answered the call for a guitarist for the SEEDS of TIME, featuring future Prism co-founder Lindsay Mitchell.  Six months later he joined the ROCKET-NORTON BAND, but two years later he was tired of the local bar scene and retired.

After sequestering himself for three months, Doucette emerged from the basement with three of the 16 demos he’d recorded and approached Shelly Siegel of Mushroom Records.  Siegel was so impressed that he asked for three more tunes, and got them.  Doucette was advised to put a band together and did so.  They went into the studio in 1977 and came out three months later with the first album, Mama Let Him Play, which quickly went Platinum in Canada.  The reaction was swift and strong, and a female backup singer was added for the Canadian Tour in 1978.

Fast forward to the 90s…  Jerry continued to tour from the late 90s to present day focusing his seasoned musical maturity on developing a fine reputation for presenting his fans with a classy blend of energized traditional blues tunes with his already Classic Rock/Blues originals.

Jerry is still out here teaching us about the PASSION of music and you can catch him live with his all-star crew proving it again each time he hits the stage that he hasn’t lost his edge, delivering clean melodies and slick pop each time out.

Sunday, August 2 @ 3:00 PM

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