A little rain couldn?t keep people away from the Grizfest parade. People who braved the weather were showered with candy, chocolate, balloons, freezies, golf tees and even water! Children of all ages were kept busy gathering the goodies tossed by the participants. It was hard to keep up and gather all that was thrown. Perhaps the rain was a good thing for those who attended, more candy for them!

The RCMP and the Tumbler Ridge fire department started off the parade with lights and sirens. The majority of entrants kept true to the theme of the Olympics. The Chamber of Commerce chose that theme since the 2010 Olympics are so close. At first glance one might have thought the Canadian Women?s Olympic hockey team was back in town. After looking closer, one would realize it was Town Council paying tribute to the hockey team?s visit to Tumbler Ridge. Several other entrants paid homage to hockey, one of Canada?s favourite pastimes. Lakeview Credit Union chose to bring back the fashions of the Greek Empire as they honoured the Olympics from a historical perspective.

It was quite a parade. Several forms of transportation were represented. There was a helicopter, a hot rod, horses, Rhinos and Thomas the Train even made an appearance. He was a highly anticipated visitor for the children and definitely a highlight of the parade.

In total, there were 21 entrants. There were no categories this year but prizes were given. Avalanche Trucking took first place with their Safari Tour theme. Lakeview Credit Union came second and LaPrairie Crane placed third. Honourable mention goes to The District of Tumbler Ridge.