Grizfest: The Glorious Sons

There is a mechanic shop in the heart of Industrial Kingston – it’s tucked in the corner of a dusty cul-de-sac, surrounded by dead trees and rusted out machinery. That’s where The Glorious Sons call home. Having burst onto the scene in 2013 by winning the HTZ-FM Rocksearch and following that up with three top 6 Active Rock singles, this band’s ascent in the world of Canadian music has been quick and well deserved.

The Glorious Sons are an everyman band, telling real stories from a blue-collar perspective. Vocalist/lyricist Brett Emmons is one of the strongest new voices in Canadian rock, backed by a lush, loud and powerful soundtrack supplied by guitarists Jay Emmons and Andrew Young, and the rhythm section comprised of Adam Paquette and Chris Huot.

The Glorious Sons are quickly becoming known for their energetic and unrelenting live shows – vocalist Brett Emmons has an uncanny ability to win over a crowd no matter what the size. Even with all that’s happened in the last 18 months, the band has stayed true to its blue-collar roots. You can still find them jamming above that same dusty mechanics shop. Their unabashedly honest and real which is what is most endearing about them to their fans. That’s a characteristic they will carry with them as they travel across Canada and around the world sharing their music with anyone who will listen.

Saturday, August 1 @ 9:00 PM

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