As the crowd gathered, so did the clouds and it was a race to see who would perform first Rose Ranger or the rain. Just as the first drops of rain began to fall, Rose Ranger took the stage and started Grizfest off with her contemporary folk music.

The Ecclestons took over from Ranger, just as the sun began to peak through the clouds. The Ecclestons charmed the audience with their beautiful Celtic harmonies, witty lyrics and even a cover of the Disco favourite, ?Staying Alive? done with Celtic rhythms.

Children?s performer, Rick Scott provided entertainment for young and old alike. There were also other activities for the young ones. A children?s carnival with games and prizes was set up and a dunk tank with lots of familiar faces taking their turn at getting wet.

Things were running over an hour late when the Twisters came on stage for their set. ?I totally enjoyed the Twisters and the sun shone through their whole act,? was a comment from an audience member.

Allen Dobb once again brought his own personal style to the stage as the afternoon came to a close and the evening events began.

Krista Buck, Tumbler Ridge?s own Canadian Idol, was moved to Sunday because things were running behind. This gave the audience something else to look forward to on Sunday.

Last year?s People?s Choice award winners, Stand Together, warmed the audience up for 54-40. Rain was falling and the field began filling up as the audience anxiously waited for 54-40. ?We are having a good time, and we are hoping 54-40 is worth waiting in the rain for?, commented one group of people. ?We don?t think the weather has had that big of an impact. There has been rain, sun and wind, but it doesn?t seem to have deterred anyone.?

54-40 took the stage to cheers and applause and rain. The much anticipated favourites played many of their hits and threw in some new songs as well. Half way through their set, the rain stopped. The evening ended with an encore by 54-40. ?They were well worth the wait,? said a group of friends who travelled from Fort St. John.