Grizfest Parade

By Trent Ernst, Editor
Brenda Holmlund is out walking the streets of Tumbler Ridge. 
She’s going from business to business and asking them if they want to enter a float into a parade for this year’s Grizfest parade. It’s the last stage in a process that’s started a while ago. “The Grizfest committee has been at it for months already, I’m just going to pull it all together,” says Holmlund. 
Her mission is to get new businesses to enter floats in the parade, find some judges and “tie up all the loose ends.”
Holmlund expects this year will be a great year. “Blair Lekstrom is coming out, and If we can drum up another three or four entries, I think it’s just going to be great. And it’s just going to keep getting better.  We haven’t had a specific person looking after it in the past, so now we’re trying to get a format. We started working on it last year. It’s a combination of staff doing the early work and volunteers doing the rest.”
Holmlund says that, while she wouldn’t mind seeing more entries, she’d much rather see more interesting  entries. “I don’t know that it has to be a bigger parade. What you hope for is that people come up with their imagination and come up with some great floats. It’s for the children. It’s a great tradition.”