Setting up for Grizfest

Ken MacEachern tightens one of the wires that holds up the Grizfest mainstage tent.

Trent Ernst, Editor

There is a thin patina of sweat covering Ken MacEachern’s face as he tightens up one of the last connectors holding up the tent that houses the Grizfest main stage using a small board to tighten the cinch. MacEachern says it has probably taken him and two others about eight hours to get the main tent up over the course of two days.

The stage itself is still somewhere else, but that should be set up by early next week. “We want to make sure we get this one up early, in case anything goes wrong,” says MacEachern. “If a part breaks or something, you need a few days.

Once the stage is set up, MacEachern and his crew from the Community Centre will be moving on the the beer garden tent (“The show and shine is using it this weekend, so we’ll probably set it up on Monday,” says MacEachern.), then the tent for the sound crew, then the tables and chairs for the beer garden. Public works will be setting up the orange snow fencing around the Grizfest grounds in the days leading up to Grizfest. That and a hundred little jobs remain before everything is ready for the big show, but MacEachern is confident that it will be done. “Everything is on target.”