Grizzly Valley Players perform Monkman Musing

On June 13th Grizzly Valley players showed the first evening of Monkman Musing at the Community Centre. Script was written by Erin Hanna exclusively for Monkman Musings 2008. Based on facts and historical records the performance highlighted the historical key events around Monkman Park that are a part of our history. Alexander Monkman?s vision was to cut a trail through the Rocky Mountains to connect the Peace Country farmers with the south. Inspiring story of a 67 year old man who received support for his Monkman Pass Highway Association till the outbreak of WWII when the project was officially declared a failure.

At its premiere, Erin Hanna?s script kept the audience focused as there were questions to answer and a prize to win.

This performance connects the history in our backyard with the present as a group of enthusiasts revived the idea to cut a trail through the Monkman Park to cross the Rocky Mountains. Monkman Pass Memorial Hiking trail will open this summer on July 17th. The 70 km trail will offer experienced hikers an exceptional back country experience. The trail connects Monkman Provincial Park with the Prince George Area. After 70 years; in 2008 there are several tour operators helping to explore this new territory again.

The next Monkman Musings show is on July 18th at 7PM in the Community Centre. Contact Visitor Centre @ 242-3123