On February 24th, the Grizzly Valley Players presented their excellent rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show to a sold out audience. Prior to performing, the actors prepared by donning their retro garb and applying make-up that was out of this world fantastic. It all captured the very essence of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Erin Hanna, who is the group director for the performance, was the raciest of all in her black garter belt, lace top, jet-black wig and makeup. Hanna opted to play the part of Dr. Frank-n-furter, who is a crazed scientist dressed in drag. The part of Frank-n-furter is one of the main characters of the show. The cast gave credit for make up and costume assistance to Shelley Leach and Ann More.

Even though the crowd was a more mature audience, there was a sense of youthful enjoyment when it came time for participation. Charmaine Shirley began the evening by guiding the group through their audience participation packs located just underneath their chairs. Shirley played the part of Bete Noire who was the Theatre Usherette. She informed the crowd how and when the items in the pack were to be used. People were allowed to toss rice, confetti, toast, toilet paper, and cards into the air when the overhead screen prompted them to. Gales of laughter ran throughout the crowd when it came time to use the pack which also contained newspaper, glow sticks, rubber gloves, noisemakers, party hats, and bells.

The actors performed alongside the film which played on an overhead projector. The singing and actions were timed to perfection by all the actors. When it came time for Hanna to enter the show for the first time, one audience member commented that it took a lot of guts to be dressed so scantily clad in front of so many people. It was obvious from the cheers and applause that Hanna performed her best.

Barb Schuerkamp played the part of Rocky Horror who was a lab creation of Dr. Frank-n-furter. Rocky is a buffed out pretty boy who is the apple of Frank-n-furters eye. Schuerkamp, despite her petite frame, donned a costume cover-up that had giant Styrofoam muscles. Charissa Tonnesen, who was ?Eddie? the ex-delivery boy, also gave it her best as the tough biker who later falls victim to Frank-n-furter. Even Rose Colledge, who played Dr. Everett Scott, joined the drag queen hype by baring her legs in fishnet stockings and high heels in one of the last scenes.

The evening closed when the actors presented Hanna with flowers for her hard work in making the show a success. When she received them, Hanna replied, ?Flowers for the drag queen, thank you!?