Grizzly Valley Players ready to roll

Theatre On The Ridge has expanded! While the initial idea in 2001 was to have a drama group for kids, that didn?t quench the thirst of all those adult actors waiting in the wings. And so after a bit of preparation and a chance to get it together, there will soon be weekly workshops and fun theatre activities for the grown-ups too. Grizzly Valley Players will be announcing their first meeting when the sign-up sheet has been picked up. If you wish to join, please ask for the sign up sheet at the front desk of the Community Centre. This will be an open registration club and people can join anytime throughout the year.

Within the history of Tumbler Ridge there have actually been several adult drama groups. It is sometimes hard to find out much about these groups as most of the members have relocated and so the only evidence comes from those who remember and an occasional item of advertisement that has been stored with Arts Council.

One particularly proud era for theatre here, was in 19__ when TR Theatre Group won an award for best Set Design. The club was very active and attended BC Theatre Zone, which is a very impressive feat.

The Grizzly Valley Players will be eased into theatrics. While they are getting their stage legs, let it be known that there is no pressure for a production for the time being. The actors need some time to hone their skills and gain some stage confidence. And some may never get onstage. There will be a great need for backstage people, prop people, lighting and sound crew, set design and creation. It is all done out of creative expression, whether you ever step foot in the spotlight or not.

Already there are several interested people looking forward to the start of the club and the relaxed atmosphere promises to be a great getaway for actors 19 and over. Both Hanna and Leach have theatre experience and were part of theatre group that had started at one point here, but was left without a leader when the organizer moved out of town. Hanna hopes that she will see the return of some of those who attended the previous group, as everyone who consistently attended seemed to really enjoy it. So please come out in droves and have some fun and perhaps get that ?lurking? performer out of the closet. Even if you?re coming just for the fun of it, that?s great. It would be fantastic to see a full house. For the time being, Erin Hanna is preparing some fun activities for the weekly meets.

Meanwhile, the Young People?s Drama, which invites ages 6-18, will still be up and running as well. Recently the younger group had good crowds for both the TR Adult Choir combined Christmas production, ?An Angel?s Wish For Christmas? as well as a multi-room Haunted House prior to Halloween. Plans for the younger group include an annual talent show, called ?On The Spot? and hopefully a spring play before they are off for the summer.

For further info on both groups, you can contact Erin Hanna by email or at 242-3364. Website for Theatre On The Ridge (both groups) is . Currently only the Young People?s Theatre is posted online, with plans to add Grizzly Valley Players once it is meeting regularly.