Grizzly Valley Players; This Play Is Just Ducky

?You would let them starve?!? shouts Larry White to his acting partner, Jean Pawlucki, in animated fluster she retorts back and the banter begins. So go the rehearsals for the one-act play that will be performed in Richmond, BC on September 18th at the BC Senior Games. The play will then be performed locally as the opener for ?TR Time Travel 4: All Hell Breaks Loose? at an evening Dessert Theatre (licensed venue for adults) on Saturday, September 26 and again as a matinee on Sunday, September 27 with no age limitations. Due to playwright?s licensing of this production, video recording is not allowed.

The play, titled ?A Little Something for the Ducks? is produced by Samuel French, Inc., written by Jean Lenox Toddie and directed by Erin Hanna. It is an extremely charming peek into an adversarial, yet flirtatious encounter between two elderly people living at the same seniors complex. Both characters are of Jewish descent and there are many wonderful characteristics brought to life by the two actors.

Larry White plays Samuel, a gentleman who comes regularly to feed the ducks on a nearby pond and Jean Pawlucki plays Irma, an opinionated lady who feels the need to correct the legality of feeding the ducks when it is posted not to do so. Both are widowed and so there is, of course, room for dalliances of the heart between explosions of banter.

White and Pawlucki have been rehearsing for the play since July and are certainly coming along. This will be the second time that members of the local Grizzly Valley Player drama troupe have traveled to do a performance for a theatre competition this year. The first was BC Theatre competition Peace River Zones in Fort St. John this past May.

The play came to the attention of the director several years ago, when a member of the Players asked about performing it at some point. Unfortunately, the original enquirer is not involved in the project, but circumstances changed his availability. Two Tumbler Ridge residents, Joan and Mike Sidwell are very involved with the BC Senior Games and Mike had been asking for two years about the possibility of taking a play to the Games. It is only in recent years that the Games, primarily sports-oriented, had added in the one-act play category. He also approached White and then it came back to the director. You can run but you cannot hide.

We wish the drama group to ?Break a Leg? on this production and look forward to the performance when it comes to the stage in Tumbler Ridge. Ticket information will be available in the near future.