Greg’s Groundwork

New website, old Internet

Greg Amos, Editor
Like a fledgling eaglet, our new website was booted from the nest last Monday (February 28).
So far, I like the way it’s going. It hasn’t been a flawless flight, but it hasn’t crashed either. As the site takes shape, the options for how this paper can present news and views is really starting to ramp up. With the flexibility offered by the new design, the TR News can share what’s happening from a much broader range of perspectives – both locally and from across the province.
We’re limited in what we can do by the kind of Internet connections available to most people here, but with the Telus connection still seemingly on track, there’s a lot of potential. Though I should be cautious here: I’m slowly starting to realize that nothing actually happens in Tumbler Ridge, until it happens.
Case in point: I still can’t say much about the big local real estate deal, as the promised discussion with whoever has bought the Ry-More development didn’t materialize last week. Not all that surprising. The many worthwhile initiatives underway here tend to move at a glacial pace, and that’s especially true of this chunk of ground. I’ll be curious to see how long it takes for this real estate transaction to close – I’ve got a feeling we could be waiting a long time for that.
But there are a few local people who have a talent for getting things done, and they ought to be recognized here. Birgit Sharman has almost singlehandedly furnished the paper with a sports section, by providing weekly updates on the senior girls high school basketball team.  As if driving a bus across northern B.C. to keep the team playing is not enough, Sharman has also submitted photos and summaries after almost every set of games. And credit is also due to the coaching staff and parents who’ve travelled with the team this year. Kudos to all.
It’s probably becoming a repetitive theme, but I’m looking for more submissions from around the community, whether it’s local sports, arts, letters, or even just unintelligible rambles. I’d love to see someone come up with another local column, though let’s face it – there’s no way to replace “By George”. I had almost convinced one local person to write an anonymous weekly diatribe called “The Complainer” – complete with a headshot of the writer wearing a paper bag over their head, with their facial expressions drawn on with a permanent marker. Oh, what could have been. 
 As one of our letter writers said, your feedback is always welcome here. Is there a local story being missed? I’d like to know. Concerned with what was written in a story? Talk to me about it – most mistakes can be clarified or fixed, as long as there’s a respectful dialogue.