Guiding Investment in TR: What Do You Think?

This is the trust of a town-wide survey that has been issued by the District at: A little over three years has passed since the community finished an extensive visioning process, which set the direction for many District initiatives and programs. As the Community Development Department (formerly Economic Development) prepares its work plan for business development and investment attraction in 2010 we would like to check in again. Specifically, we want to hear from residents and business: What do you think about Tumbler Ridge as a place to live and do business? What are our strengths and weaknesses? What type of future growth would you like to see? While this sort of information is collected through our annual business surveys, and we often hear anecdotal comments during conversations, it is important to round out the information set with a more formal method of collection. People that make investment inquiries through the Community Development Dept. often ask for this type of validated information when weighing their decisions on whether to move forward on their idea or not. If this survey receives a wide response, we will be able to confidently use the results to secure specific business opportunities for the future growth of Tumbler Ridge. This is your opportunity to let the investment world know exactly what businesses and services you would support if they were to set up in our town. As an added incentive, survey respondents will be eligible for a prize draw – 1 of 4 seats on an hour long helicopter tour of Monkman Park (provided by Ridge Rotors). Surveys are available online at, and at the front desk of Town Hall. In this case, 5 minutes of your time will do a world of good in helping to take our community forward. Or in other words, 5 minutes for a shot at an hour-long ride of a lifetime? Sounds like a sweet deal to us. For more information contact the Community Development Department at (250)242-4242 or